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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  April 27, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo with the latest at this hour. bangladeshi police arrested two managers at a sewing factory in connection with wednesday's building collapse outside of the capital dhaka. they're still searching for the owner of the building. more than 300 people died in the disaster. police say the two managers continued operations despite warnings not to open the
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eight-story building. on the previous day a jolt was felt that left cracks in the structure. police are searching for the building's owner, who is on the run. they suspect he did not obtain a proper construction permit for the building. local media say rescuers pulled 26 survivors from the rubble on saturday. so far more than 2,000 people have been rescued. about half of them suffered injuries. authorities say about 3,000 people were in the building when it collapsed. they fear that hundreds may be still trapped under the rubble. ethiopian airlines has become the first airline to resume commercial flights of the boeing 787 dreamliner. u.s. aviation authorities gave the green light for its comeback. the plane took off from the ethiopian capital saturday morning and landed safely in the kenyan capital of nairobi after
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the two-hour flight. no problems have been reported. ethiopian airlines' ceo tewolde gebremariam told reporters that he's glad to see the plane back in the air. he added that he's happy that his company became the first to resume flights. dreamliners had been grounded worldwide since january due to battery-related problems. the u.s. federal aviation administration decided that the planes could resume service from friday, provided that necessary repairs were made. a senior engineer with boeing says the company is confident that improvements made to the batteries of its 787 dreamliner will ensure the plane is safe. >> because we know that the enclosure can protect the airplane from the worst case battery failure, in some ways it almost doesn't matter what the root cause was.
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>> sinnett says the company has changed materials used in the lithium ion battery system to prevent overheating. the chief engineer also says the batteries are now enclosed in a stainless steel case. he says this will create an almost oxygen-free environment in which fires will not break out. sinnett says boeing obtained approval for the revamp from u.s. aviation authorities after more than 100,000 hours of test flights using the modified system. two japanese carriers own nearly half of the world's 50 dreamliners. their engineers have been busy modifying the batteries. ana plans to carry out trial flights at tokyo's haneda airport as early as sunday. the south koreans remaining at north korea's industrial complex are expected to return home by monday.
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north korea suspended operations at the complex on april 9th. it withdrew all of its 53,000 workers from the site and banned any new south korean staff from entering. 176 south koreans stayed on for maintenance purposes. but south korea's government decided on friday to withdraw them after north korea rejected its proposal to hold working level talks on normalizing operations at the complex. 126 south koreans returned home on saturday afternoon. the remaining 50 are expected to leave by monday. a line of cars driven by south koreans arrived at the border checkpoint on saturday. they were filled with products made in the complex. the goods were transferred into trucks waiting on the south side of the border. when the last of the workers leave on monday, there will be no one from north south korea in the complex for the first time since it opened in 2004.
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north korean officials say the industrial complex may soon be shut down for good. they stress the south should be held responsible if this happens. the north's general bureau for central guidance and development of the special zone said that the country doesn't care about south korea's pull out. it added that the north is closely watching if the south president dares to sacrifice the joint industrial park for her confrontational policies. this suggests that north korea is still trying to see how park will handle the matter. the industrial complex has been a symbol of inter-korean economic cooperation. north korea says it's about to put an american citizen on trial. the detained man has been charged with plotting to overthrow the north korean government.
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pae jun ho was arrested in november after he entered a special economic zone in rason city as a tourist. the state-run korean central news agency reports that pae will soon be indicted and put on trial at the supreme court. the news agency says he has admitted that he was aiming to overthrow the north korean government. the news agency says there's evidence to back up that charge. analysts say he's likely to be found guilty. the north has detained several u.s. citizens in recent years. the others were eventually released after former u.s. presidents and other high-profile diplomats visited the country. analysts say leaders in pyongyang may be trying to rile up the u.s. government. the u.s. has remained adamant that north korea must denuclearize before dialogue can take place. a bomb exploded near the office of a political party in pakistan's largest city, kara i
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karachi. it's the latest in a string of attacks against political parties and candidates in the runup to the parliamentary election next month. police say the bomb went off in a car on friday night. they say the blast killed at least 11 people and wounded 35 others. the spokesperson for the pakistani taliban told local media they launched the attacks. the national party has been calling for a crackdown on islamic extremists. the pakistani taliban has been orchestrating attacks across pakistan against political parties and candidates they regard as enemies. three bombings have taken place this week in karachi alone, killing at least 20 people. people in the chinese province of sichuan mourned for the victims of the magnitude 7 earthquake that struck the region a week ago. local government officials set saturday as a day of mourning. survivors across the province
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observed a moment of silence at 8:02 a.m., the exact time the quake hit. in ya'an, police officers and firefighters lined up in front of the damaged government building to offer a silent prayer. nearly 200 people have been confirmed dead in the earthquake. more than 13,000 were injured. about 360,000 are still in shelters and tents. chinese media have repeatedly covered the efforts by government officials to deliver relief goods and to restore infrastructure, but observers say little media coverage of the survivors indicates how the authorities are worried about the growing public discontent. and here's your three-day weather forecast.
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and that's it for this hour of "newsline." i'm can i keiichi haneda. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us.
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